Cancer Detection

Research has demonstrated that early detection of cancer can save lives, letting patients start treatment before the disease spreads beyond control.

With cancer, once a patient displays the symptoms of the disease, it is often too late, as tumours have grown too large and have spread to other areas of the body.  In contrast, cancers found during early screening examinations are more likely to be smaller, confined to a localised area and minimal in size.

Early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances for successful treatment and extending the life expectancy of patients. Patients who have lung cancer detected early have a survival rate of greater than 50%. Early cancer detection requires two major components: education to promote early diagnosis and access to screening technologies.

ANCON Medical has developed a revolutionary technology that can bring cancer detection to the forefront of science. With Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging (NBT) technology, medical providers can screen for cancers, as well as a range of other diseases, simply by testing a patient’s breath. The results can alert doctors to the presence of the cancer and the need for further diagnosis, leading to life-saving treatment that can stop the cancer before it can progress.

Lung cancer

Lung cancer has a low survival rate, but studies show that with early treatment, 57% of patients can survive for longer than five years, whereas only 9% survive if treatment occurs after symptoms emerge. Currently, screening for lung cancer requires expensive CT scans, and with there being such a wide range of at-risk individuals, the costs, equipment and invasiveness of the tests leave many lung cancer patients undiagnosed until symptoms emerge.

With the ANCON Medical NBT device, mass screenings could help doctors discover the disease at much earlier stages, leading to earlier treatment that cans save lives. Researchers have identified the lung cancer biomarker, a molecule called butylated hydroxytoluene, which gives the Ancon Medical NBT device the capability now to screen for the disease.

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