Ebola Detection

The shocking development of the Ebola virus in 2014 shows how crucial early detection of the virus is to prevent its quick spread.

The unprecedented sensitivity of ANCON’s NBT technology would allow for detection of the Ebola virus within 24 to 72 hours of exposure, before the individual is showing symptoms of the disease. Early detection not only gives exposed individuals more treatment options, but it’s also crucial in slowing the spread of the disease. Plus, the light weight and ease-of-use of the NBT Device stand to make it an essential piece of equipment for facilities anywhere in the world where Ebola could spread, including airports, clinics, border crossings and other relevant sites in under-developed countries.

The biomarker for the Ebola virus must still be found, but ANCON Medical believes the research could be complete in as little as three months from detection. Once the biomarker is discovered, ANCON Medical’s NBT Device would be a powerful tool in preventing and containing outbreaks.

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