Our Mission

ANCON’s mission:

  1. Provide the world with first non-invasive, early stage disease detection technology:
    We believe that breath analysis is the “holy grail” of medical diagnosis because it is inexpensive, simple to use and allows early stage identification which greatly increases quality of life and a patient’s chances of survival.  It is Ancon’s mission to fully capitalise on our technology allowing as many people as possible to benefit from our technical breakthrough.
  2. Develop point of care devices that save lives.
  3. Expand the spectrum of diagnosable diseases:
    Including lung cancer, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, bowel cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer and kidney cancer.
  4. Affordable point of care diagnosis:
    Develop mobile consumer orientated devices based on NBT technology to enable personal healthcare to become more accessible, more affordable, and much easier to obtain. Consumers will be able to address their own care and make health monitoring a desirable part of daily life.
  5. Life changing technology:
    Our NBT platform technology enables detect the detection of minute traces of all kind of molecules and therefore can be employed to protect people from terrorist threats such as explosive and biological weapons.

Ancon Technologies Company Introduction