Explsoives NarcoticsThe goal of detecting explosives and narcotics in any situation is a critical fight against terrorism and acts of aggression at locations, entry points, and public areas. Early detection means using an approach that lets molecules within the air get detected earlier than otherwise might have occurred and will potentially save lives.

During the past decade we have seen an increase in security checks and border controls worldwide that can be invasive and slow in the process. ANCON’s devices enable earlier detection of substances due to the natural release of molecules within the air. This also includes explosives below the surface, such as mine detection.

Early detection of narcotics at border controls will greatly increase arrests and protect our society from illegal substances being smuggled in via both commercial and non-commercial methods of transportation.

ANCON are looking to take detection of explosives and narcotics to the forefront of science through a simple air test to identify explosives or narcotics, and in doing so will enable instant security measures before the danger can progress.


Click here to read the NMT case study pitch from the CDE Marketplace on 5 February 2015. Posted by Centre for Defence Enterprise and Defence Science and Technology Laboratory: Ultra-sensitive detection of explosives and chemicals.


Relevant Products for Security and Narcotics Detection Applications:

Nanotechnology Molecular Tagging (NMT)

ANCON’s Nanotechnology Molecular Tagging (NMT) is a means of detecting trace chemicals. However, it is not a single technology, but a combination of highly innovative scientific and technological discoveries based on a conceptually novel means of measuring electric current by counting elemental units of charge.



ANCON’s NMT is a means of detecting trace chemicals. It is not a single technology, ...

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